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Vitamin C Face Wash - 6.7 oz

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  • Daily face wash: Use this hydrating facial cleanser once in the morning to brighten the skin and increase radiance. This formula is designed as a gentle face wash that protects against environmental aggressors. Use this before bed in order to deeply cleanse the skin and maintain a balanced complexion. This face wash cleanser provides exfoliation to minimize pore appearance.
  • Natural and organic ingredients: Sourced with clean ingredients such as Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that brightens, tones, and tightens the skin while providing support in healthy, natural collagen production. Made with Aloe Vera to replenish vitamins and minerals that protect against skin-damaging environmental pollutants. Includes Coconut Water which provides hydration and balance in skin nutrients. Sugar Cane Extract is used to support cell turnover for improved skin texture and tone.
  • Suitable for all skin types: Designed to be a versatile and vital part of your skincare routine! Use as oily skin face wash, sensitive face wash, moisturizing face cleanser, or anti-bacterial face wash. This powerful face soap is designed to prevent blackheads and breakouts. Use twice daily as a breakout treatment on the face or body. 

Customer Reviews

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Mr Miller
The best facial wash EVER!

I have never loved a facial wash more. This stuff is absolutely amazing and has complete cleared my skin. I typically have really clear skin with the occasional breakout here and there, but recently found myself breaking out badly. I was breaking out to the point that I was considering see a dermatologist (mind you, I rarely have acne) and I had tried everything under the sun. My go to was usually Neutrogena because that's what typically works for me and I'm a fan of their products but the Neutrogena acne wash was doing nothing for my skin and was causing it to break out worse, so then I switched it up again and starting using tea tree oil, which worked but the acne was still persistent and wouldn't go away. So finally, I broke down and bought this because it was a part of the lightning deal and was only $13 as oppose to the $19 it normally is. I didn't want to make the investment because I didn't want to pay $19 for a product that didn't work. But let me tell you, this has been the BEST, absolutely THE BEST facial wash I have ever owned. It just feels so refreshing and light and it is COMPLETELY organic. It doesn't burn my skin or leave it feeling completely dried out. It has pretty much completely cleared up my acne and is now used as a daily cleanser. I will definitely be buying some more when it logs out and I will also be investing in some of their other products as well. I'm thoroughly impressed.

I'm A Big Fan!!!

I first received the InstaNatural Vitamin C Cleanser as a promotional gift a few months ago, and I've been purchasing it ever since. I've always suffered from blemishes due to razor bumps. This Vitamin C Cleasner has really helped to clear up my complexion. My skin looks lighter and brighter. Now, I look in the mirror and think, " Hmmm...my skin looks pretty cool." I'm a big fan of this stuff and I highly recommend it.

Real Deal, y'all !!!!!!!!!

This product is the real deal...i have used tons of facial cleanser ...this by far is the best cleanser....i have puchased cleansers with higher price tags because of name or business selling product. None of them does what this does.I suffer from tzone oilness, blackeheads around lip edge and dry cheeks. My skin is smooth, brighter, no oilness no dryness. Blackhesds alil less visible. I have this on every 2mo delivery schedule. Im in my 50s people mistake me for a late 30 yr old and thats b4 i used this product...just imagine what they will think now!!!! Oh love the fact it is natural, i can actually read ingredients..

The Best Cleanser ever for my Rosacea

I bought this cleanser a year ago for my red blotchy skin due to Rosacea. I am 56 years old. I had tried many other cleansers before using this product. This is by far the best cleanser I have used. My skin is clear, blemish free and this product keeps my skin looking good. I have very sensitive skin and almost every thing I put on my face stings, but this does not.

Great cleanser for men. Made my blackheads look much smaller/go away.

I woke up one morning and my wife looked me in the face and said "Look at these wrinkles. You're looking old!" I'm 26. She sort of meant it as a compliment, because she thinks wrinkles on a man are handsome or something crazy like that. I respectfully disagree. My stressful work and constant travel are wearing my biology down. I'm planning to live to 120, so I need to start taking better care of myself. I was religious about skincare when I was a teenager (mom was an esthetician, don't make fun) but I really have let it go for the last decade. I got this face cleanser and the serum that goes with it. I use my own moisturizer, not theirs, but I might switch soon. This stuff is amazing. After one week of use, my skin is more even, fewer red spots, the blackheads on my nose (my main issue) appear smaller, and I just look younger/fresher. I usually use once a day, and use a face scrubber like the "My Life My Shop Ultimate Spin Facial Cleansing Brush"Will continue to use for sure. Would recommend for any guy.

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