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Lavender Pillow Spray

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  • Little Sleepy Head Lavender Spray is made with the Highest Quality Lavender Essential Oil in the USA.
  • Lavender Essential Oil is known for its Calming & Soothing Effects, and for Improved Sleep.
  • Make a part of Bedtime Routine - Help your child Relax Naturally & Sleep Peacefully so you can too!
  • Smells Good! Spray Pillows & Linens before bed. It will help them Drift Off Faster and Sleep Better.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ashley W

Smells great! My niece came over for a sleepover with auntie and my sister put this in her bag because it’s “part of her night time routine.” I love it. I bought a bottle for when she stays with me. Smells really good and love that it doesn’t have a bunch of fake fragrance fillers

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It’s a must buy!

My daughter is two and while she has no trouble going to sleep, she does toss-and-turn a lot! Once I started putting this lovely spray on her pillows at night I’ve noticed she hardly moves and she rests much better and wakes up more refreshed for the next day! The smell is wonderful, and I highly recommend this product!

Casey Hadcock
Helps my son fall asleep

Products works great. My son has a hard time falling asleep and ever since he started using it he says it helps him relax and fall asleep fast. Smell is great too!

Debi Sauls
Love this product!

I appreciated this business owner connecting with me personally after I purchased their product. This is a welcomed communication as most businesses do not provide that personal touch. I have had the opportunity to use the product and I must say we like it. I had gotten a similar spray when I was at a hotel and I believe that help me sleep, that is how I found your product by looking for theirs. The price is reasonable and we are happy to support a family own business.Again thank you for connecting, we are happy with the the Little Sleepy Head spray and will be making future purchases.A little goes a long way. If you like lavender smell you will love this product.

Brittany Jolley
Helps both of us relax

I bought this spray to use in my son’s room before bed. We recently transitioned him to a big boy bed so we are working on more of a routine for him to help him adjust. I spray lavender spray in the air and on his toddler pillow (also from Little Sleepy Head) as we are getting on jammies. It smells really nice and I swear it helps to calm him. It makes me happy to smell it too so I am going to get another one for me to chill a little when I need to. We recommend!

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