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Hydrating Facial Cleanser - 16 oz

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  • DAILY FACE WASH: Gentle cleansing lotion with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin to help hydrate skin without stripping moisture. Removes face makeup, dirt, and excess oil provides 24-hour hydration and leaves a moisturized, non-greasy feel.
  • NON-FOAMING CLEANSER: Moisturizing facial cleanser with a lotion-like consistency feels smooth as it cleanses, even on sensitive, dry skin. Paraben-free, fragrance-free, soap-free, non-comedogenic, non-drying, and non-irritating. Certified by the National Eczema Association
  • ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES: Ceramides are found naturally in the skin and make up 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier. 
  • DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED: Skincare is developed with dermatologists and has products suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, acne-prone, and more

Customer Reviews

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Cleanses well but gently. Love that this cleanser allows me to gently massage my face clean without creating friction or dragging on my face. What I didn't like, and wasn't expecting was the fact that this cleanser is non foaming. There is no lather. This isnt really a bad thing, but nowhere on the packing, or the item description did I see anything about this being a non foaming cleanser. Despite this, it cleanses well, and does not over dry or irritate my skin. I have tried other cleansers that did both. I have oily skin, and wear sunscreen, daily. This cleanser gets my skin clean. I use this cleanser every other day, alternating with the CeraVe SA cleanser, (which does foam). This cleanser allows me to give my skin a gentle break from active ingredients. (which I use with the SA cleanser). I use this cleanser on my face and neck and follow with a toner, an unscented centella gel from Purito, and follow up with my FAB barriair cream to help maintain my skin barrier.I bought this cleanser after a horrible bought of breakouts, from over cleansing and over exfoliating my skin. This cleanser along with the other steps above has helped me calm and heal my skin. The dark spots that resulted from my breakouts are still fading, but this cleanser is helping with my overall skin health.

Great Product!

I love this cleanser and it was recommended to me by my dermatologist. She told me not to bother spending a lot of money on high-priced creams when this has the right anti-aging ingredients at a very affordable price. I keep one in the shower and one under the sink. It's creamy but light and not greasy. It rinses off easily.

No more flakey skin!

I’ve only been using this for three days (morning and night) and I love it already! Every other facewash I’ve ever tried leaves my face feeling parched. If I didn’t put lotion on instantly after washing, it would literally be flakey and dry. This hydrating cleanser leaves my face feeling soft and...plump?! I also purchased the Cerave Moisturizing Cream and have been applying it after washing my face, but honestly, I might not even need to use that every time because the cleanser leaves my face feeling so soft and moisturized! It also doesn’t leave an oily feeling. It all soaks into my skin!When I originally received the cleanser, the lid was not screwed on the bottle tightly and about half of the cleanser was out of the bottle, smooshed all over the inside of the bag it was in. I filled out the return-damaged link on MONDAY and the new (and intact) bottle was on my front step WEDNESDAY morning. I am very pleased! They also told me I didn’t need to return the damaged product, so I ended up with about half a bottle for free.

Emi A
Mild, non-drying favorite cleanser

The CeraVe cleanser has been my favorite for a few years now because it's so gentle, non-irritating, and keeps my skin from drying out. While it may not have any specialized benefits, it works well as a general hydrating facial cleanser. Just to be clear, this cleanser isn't meant to remove a full face of heavy makeup - it's meant to be a daily cleanser after makeup removal. Other cleansers have stripped my skin too much and have dried me out, but this one never does. It's really become the core of my skincare routine.

Really improves skin hydration and removes all makeup and dirt

I live in an extremely dry climate and have struggled with adult acne. Using harsh acne washes dried out my skin even further and I didn't realize I was making it worse! Since switching to this moisturizing cleanser my skin tone and texture has improved DRAMATICALLY and my dehydrated skin is no longer so thirsty. It easily takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft afterwards. Will be purchasing again!

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