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Essential Oils Set - 14 Pack

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  • Set Includes The Following Scents:  Lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, breathe blend, cedarwood, sweet orange, rosemary, good sleep blend, tea tree, stress relief blends, lemon, peppermint, robbers, and muscle relief blend
  • Perfect Essential Oil Starter Set:  All of our most popular scents and blends; this aromatherapy set is the perfect starter set or makes an amazing gift!

Customer Reviews

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J. Baule
Definitely Worth It

I only use essential oils for diffusing and so often they come out smelling synthetic or harsh. These are neither, I am so pleased! Definitely comparable to the Big Name Brands/Crazy Expensive options. In my first shipment one of the seals on the bottles had broken and leaked everywhere. I contacted the seller and explained what had happened, they sent out a full set immediately to replace the damage. I am 100% pleased and will definitely be placing future orders!

Great purchase!!

I’m new to the essential oils so I’m still learning what oil to use for different purposes but I always have had an ant problem in the spring and I usually have to use vinegar every day to clean to get rid of them but I used the tea tree oil, peppermint, and orange essential oils and put them on a few lava rocks and placed them around sporadically and haven’t seen any ants yet. I refresh the rocks daily with a couple drops. So happy and can’t wait to find other uses for the oils. �

Hannah Christian
Different fill lines EDIT

EDITED***I emailed them and this is because they are filled by weight, so each oil may weight less or more resulting in the fill lines to be different. So I am satisfied now***********To me, this is a good sampler for beginners. I was sceptcle to purchase seeing all the broken bottle reviews, but mine luckily were all put together. 100% looked like mine had been returned and then shipped to me. The bottles I got have multiple different fill lines. My picture it’s very hard to see so I added red arrow but over all I get to sample a lot of oils.

That's what I'm talking about!

Several bottles were nearly empty from oil wasting out either during shipping or somewhere along the way. The shipping bag did smell nice though!3/11/2021 - Update.Very impressed with my replacement order and how quickly it came. I've attached a picture. Will order from this seller again for sure!

Good starter kit

This is a great set. This is my third time ordering this exact set. However somewhere along the line from manufacturing to arrival one vials cap became partially unscrewed but seal wasn't broken. Half the vial was spilled. The essential oil scent was extremely strong upon opening shipping package