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Epsom Salt - Lavender - 3 lbs

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  • One 3-pound resealable bag of Epsom salt crystals.
  • Relaxing soaking aid for bath or soaking tub.

Customer Reviews

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Feels great at a great price!

This is great. I actually ordered my friend some expensive Dr. Teals lavender scented Epsom salts in February for a galentines day gift. I went to buy those but they were out of stock and other sellers were up charging for it. I found this and thought for $5 with tax you can't beat it!!!! Why you ask did I all of a sudden need this product??? I normally do not buy such things.....however.....While quarantining and social distancing I have been unable to partake in my every other month pedicure. I do this solely for ingrown toenails which I struggle with due to genetics. Thus, I have had to deal with them at home and am not particularly great at it as the angle is all wrong when trying to do it myself and I have to contort my foot. Every online site said Epsom salt foot soaks would help and they were right! It relieves the pain while smelling nicely of lavender and is relaxing without being overpowering. Plus it also helps lift and soften the nail so I could cut the spike of the ingrown toenail out. I'm very pleased with this product especially for the price. In conjunction with a few other items I purchased from I think I'll be getting my nails back to flat and healthy and pain free in no time!!

Avid reader
Epsom Salt Works

I used to sprain my ankle a lot when I was a kid. What can I say? I liked to run. My parents swore by epsom salt. I didn't get it. They would have me soak my ankle for twenty minutes. When the soak was over, I guess I was looking for some kind of miracle. I thought the swelling would go down immediately and the pain would be gone and I could go out and play. But the ankle was still swollen until the next soaking session. Today I get it. Epsom salt really relieves the pain. I love taking a bath in it when my back is bothering me or I'm having general aches and pains. Amazing how much smarter our parents become as we get older.

Better than other epsom salts!

AMAZING. I mixed this bag of epsom salt and another older bag I had and let me tell you the difference! The other bags (see pic) packaging seemed more promising to help with aches and pains. But, it was clumpy and thick and didn’t mix well into the bath. Whereas, the lavender epsom salts mixed into the bath easily, creating a heavenly odor! One of the best bathes Ive ever had and Im a big bath person. VERY happy customer and it is worth the small amount more for the scent and quality of this product.

Muscle spasms + pinched nerve means I’m a bath salt snob. I know my Epsom salts.My muscles feel it.

I have muscle spasms due to pinched nerves, so I know the quality of Epsom salts based on my body’s reaction.These Epsom salts are my new staple. I take 3-4 hours baths often (while I listen to audio books), I never need to buy Dr T’s again. Or any other.Price ,scent ,value..these have it all.It equals about a dollar a pound. Which is as inexpensive as I’ve found for Epsom salts that are good quality.I’m honestly never buying other salts again. There’s no need.Oh, also, they leave no residue like some salts. Tub stays clean!

Lower price and more convenience

Realizing that a hot bath is helpful, I can accept that Epsom Salts are beneficial in a hot bath soak. With that assumption, I will also assume that pain relief and moisturizing effects are about the same with most Epsom Salts. The scent of this product is not very strong, so I also rate that feature as about average. In the past few years, I have purchased Epsom Salts from Walmart and . Since I am tired of being searched after purchases at Walmart, I refuse to be their customer any more. That leaves this product and the 19 pound Epsoak USP Epsom Salt from which costs $26.99. This product is $20.69 for 18 pounds. Therefore, the price is less per pound, and since it comes in 3 pound packs, it is easier to use. So, the benefits of this item are lower price and convenience of use.

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