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Brown Sugar Body Scrub - 10 oz

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  • EXFOLIATING & MOISTURIZING FACIAL & BODY SCRUB: Our Brown Sugar Body Scrub and Face Scrub is a gentle sugar scrub that can be used as a Facial Scrub, Body Scrub, and Foot Scrub. It is a triple-action body and face exfoliator and moisturizer. Containing only pure and natural ingredients, it acts as a natural exfoliator removing dead skin and moisturizing to reveal fresher healthier clear skin.
  • GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: While salt scrubs may be too harsh for sensitive skin, this Brown Sugar Scrub is a great facial scrub exfoliator and for sensitive skin. It is softer than regular sugar scrubs while remaining strong enough to scrub away dead skin cells and make way for healthier, glowing clear skin. Use our Brown Sugar Facial Scrub, Body Scrub, and Foot Scrub for moisturized smooth skin.
  • A VERSATILE SKINCARE MUST-HAVE! Our Brown Sugar Body Scrub and Facial Scrub is perfect for all your skincare needs. This facial scrub and body exfoliator can help clear pimples, blackheads, and bumps on your back, face, and body making it a must-have in your skincare routine. You can use it as both an exfoliator and moisturizer, and it smells great! It can also be used as a lip scrub.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A++ For Sensitive Skin. It also smells nice.

My skin: very dry, extremely sensitive, acne-prone, ingrown-hair prone, rosacea, very fair. I intended to use this as an exfoliant for my face primarily, and this review is based on that. I used it 3 times before writing this review in order to give full feedback.The product itself is fairly dry. It is supposed to be so that it exfoliates properly. The brown sugar is perfect as the rounded ingredient is not harsh against the skin. Use on damp skin. It smells amazing if you like brown sugar.1st use: Spot check on my cheek where my rosacea is prominent. There was no immediate stinging or any reaction. I did a gentle rub and washed it off. Even just that rub was enough to feel a difference between my cheeks; left it feeling very smooth.2nd use: Full face check. This checked light exfoliation and for reactions, just in case the spot check was a one-off. Again, the product left my face feeling smooth, and there was no immediate reaction. I did, however, feel like my skin was a little more "exposed." Couldn't tell if that was good (proper exfoliation) or bad (over-exfoliation on my part), so I followed up with my toner to see if there was any stinging. None to be found, so the product itself did its job very well!3rd use: Full exfoliation following a treatment of tretinoin to my skin the previous night. This is usually followed by at least some degree of peeling for me. This scrub exceeded my expectations; it removed all of my peeling skin and left my face soft and ready for additional product.Simple ingredients, does what it's supposed to do, inexpensive, great for sensitive skin. For those with dry skin, like me, be sure not to over-exfoliate during use or to use this product too often. And follow-up with a moisturizer.In my routine, before using this scrub, I treat my entire face with tretinoin once a week and spot-treat acne areas with glycolic acid (removes outer layer of skin) and benzoyl peroxide (kills bacteria). After exfoliating with this scrub, I follow up with toner and moisturizer.

Hermione Jin
Natural ingredients, good effects

This product is really amazing! At first, it smells like real complete brown sugar. And I unintentionally tasted, and that’s sugar sweetie! I cannot believe how natural the ingredients are. I tried it immediately when I get it. Although it maybe a little hard to apply on your body ( not sticky enough), it worked perfectly! My skin was very smooth and soft! It smells cutie. So I really like this product and I will continue to buy it after using it out!

jen mclean
Great scrub!! Will be buying again

I really, really love this brown sugar scrub!! It does smell exactly like the brown sugar from the baking aisle (I know, surprise, surprise) but I couldn't stop taking whiffs of it. The scrub itself feels so good going on - the granules are small and soft and goes on so smooth. There are scratchy scrubs out there and this one wasn't like that. Also, I do like the oils in scrubs (including this one) for shaving as it makes my results silkier. Really enjoyed this scrub and highly recommend. I definitely will be buying this too as gifts. (Just make sure your bathtub isn't slippery when done).

The Holy Grail of Face and Body Scrubs

Oh my god this is the scrub of all scrubs! I absolutely love how soft this leaves my body and the scent is simply delicious... I use a spatula and put some on my hands rub my hands together ans then I rub this scrub all over my body.. I’ve use it on my face as well and it leave me with a soft and glowing complexion. It’s gentle yet does a great job at removing dead skin cells. If you’re in the market for a face and body scrubs that’s made of amazing ingredients like glycolic acid and moisturizes your skin and leave it glowing then this is it..

Wow I love this!

Good price! This was my first time trying this Brown Sugar Scrub and I bought the 20 oz jar it arrived on time sealed in perfect condition. I first tested it on my hands because of how oily it looked, to see how well it rinsed off, with my desired temp of warm water. Lukewarm or cold water is definitely not recommended. SO I scrubbed my hands rinsed them and loved how soft and moisturized they were and looked! Then I decided to wash my face, I apply a palm size amount to my face at the "bathroom sink" I did wet my face but while applying I didn't wet it anymore and I used a wet warm washcloth to rinse...and WOW! It made my skin very soft and moisturized after rinsing and gave it a nice glow after applying my fav moisturizer! It made my pores shrink!! I'm definitely going to keep using this! As for the smell it smells like "Brown Sugar" which is pretty explainitory for itself, just going by other reviews I read that said it didn't smell good, also it really doesn't leave a smell after rinsing off you only smell it when applying. I love this, it made my face look amazing! I have sensitive combination skin but this is like just right for my face! I would love to try the other products as well....Thank you!

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