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Apple Cider Vinegar Facial Mask

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  • Majestic Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Facial Mask, Pore Minimizing, for Acne Prone Skin; made in the USA
  • Unique formula designed to help fight stubborn acne and pimples. Apple cider vinegar helps in keeping your skin pores, oil, and dust-free.
  • Helps soothe sunburns; nourishes and moisturizes skin, for all skin types.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Superb �

I used this for the very 1st time yesterday and let me tell you that it left my face soooo soft and clean. I’ve found my new face mask!! You leave it on for 5 minutes like the instructions say, but of course I never listen to instructions lol and put it on and forgot about it for like 20 minutes. I’ll definitely be purchasing more!

Great for acne prone skin!

This mask is great! It spreads easily and really helps to minimize present and future breakouts. I use it about twice a week. The smell isn't strong at all and it doesn't burn my skin. My skin is very sensitive to what I use and it responds very well to this product.

Rick Andre Morté
Cool Clay

The smell is soft, but refreshing. Like baby powder with a touch of rose, and it kind of feels like it too as you put it on your face. Your face feels just as soft when you take it off as well as firm.The mask hardens as you wear it and when you remove it, your skin feels softer and cleaner.I have very sensitive skin, but this mask leaves me with the skin I love.

Easy to apply. Not guey. Nice mask.

So easy to put on. Not sticky or guey. Applies very nicely. Left on for 15 minutes. I have sensitive/little oily skin. After a few minutes I could feel a nice tingling sensation. Not too strong or overwhelming. Skin feels nice and soft. I applied some jergens lotion to my face afterward. So soft.

kathryn martin
I could *actually* feel the difference!

I'm not a huge believer in a lot of beauty product claims, but I absolutely loved this mask. The applicator was a nice touch, so you're not scooping your hands into the jar, getting the mask under your nails, etc. The mask itself felt moisturizing, both while it was on my face, AND after I removed it. The next day, my skin still felt amazing and a bit smoother. January in Chicago is pretty rough on skin, and this mask absolutely made a difference. Will be using at least once a week!

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