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Exfoliating Sugar Cubes - Lavender

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  • MESS FREE EXFOLIATION Our Unique formula does everything a body scrub does plus the convenience of a pre-measured cube. Take 1 or 2 cubes in shower or bath for all body exfoliation
  • MOISTURIZES AND SMOOTHS SKIN: Contains Organic and vegan skin-loving oils and butters that detoxify, hydrate, and moisturize your skin, leaving it ultra-soft, smooth, and beautiful. Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, dark spots & acne scars.
  • AROMATHERAPY: The cleansing effect of this unique blend of fine-grain sugar, organic essential oils, and skin-loving nutrients is ideal to combat blocked pores, blackheads, in-grown hairs, and blemishes - Plus you will love the French Lavender aroma!
  • GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Salt scrubs may be too harsh for sensitive skin, our sugar body polish exfoliant cubes are made with fine sugar granules to protect your skin while remaining strong enough to scrub away dead skin cells and make way for the healthier, glowing skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Awesome product

Great product and great idea to have scrub in cube shape to avoid all the mess that comes with loose scrub in a jar. This product smells really good, cube easily break in your hand and with little water it does the magic. Leave your skin nice and smooth, again, love the cube. The scent is light and not fake or perfume-y. It also doesn't linger, so no worries that you'll smell like anything when you're out and about. Anyway, I plan on making this a part of my weekly routine. Pleasant surprise!

Areesa Hadnagy

Bought this as a gift. My friend said the scent was lovely and not overpowering at all. Her skin feels so soft. She loves it and plans on buying it for others as well.

Brian Kozak
Perfect gift for any girl that loves to take baths.

My mom loves these, I got them for her on her birthday. She loves everything about it!!!!!Also got these a year ago for my girlfriend in a different scent and she loved them so much as well.My mom got rose and my gf got lavender.

Nice product

It's nice to have a scrub where you don't have to dig your fingers into a tub. The preproportioned amount is just what you need for your arms or your legs. Smells nice. Melts easily when water is applied.

Barbara Monk
Love It !!!

I love the body scrub!! It smells so good and leaves my skin soft. I have been using it 4 months now.

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